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This website has been specifically setup to inform you about the latest and perhaps not so latest scammer tactics. There are many scams taking place all over the Internet on a regular basis. Our mission is to inform you about as many as we can, in particular : Advance Fee fraud, phishing, employment scams, romance scams, and check fraud – these, and other types of fraud, are all a real threat, and all perpetuated over the Internet. As we spend more of our time online, we’re more and more exposed to scammers who exploit the Internet for their cons. Scammers target us through email, on social sites, dating sites, auction sites, and even on discussion forums.
Navigating the Internet and avoiding scammers is impossible. Avoiding becoming a victim of a scam isn’t impossible, when armed with information.

Think you’re already immune? Think again. Scams evolve every day. Even the most savvy among us can fall victim to a scam if we’re not aware of the danger. Scammers are learning how to be better scammers – you can learn how to keep yourself safe. presents articles about internet fraud to help you learn about the classic scams, the new trends in scams, the places on the internet where you can get help and information, and what part you can do to help combat this type of fraud.

Browse our anti fraud blog, and share the information with your friends and family. We’ll keep you informed to keep you safe.