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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Internet Scammers Plans

Ever wondered how internet scammers plans actually work? Ever wondered how an internet scammer is going to get money from you even if you do not give them your banking details? Follow this story of the “Little old Lady”, you will be surprised as to how it works. A Little Old Lady She’s a little, […]


Creating Strong Passwords

How can I go about creating strong passwords? This is a question often asked of us in various forums and newsgroups. Creating strong passwords is essential to everyday Internet surfing. You have probably heard that you should never share your passwords with anyone, and that you shouldn’t enter your password on a link you received […]


Different Scam Types

The Internet can be an awesome tool that can help you find a job, find love, do your banking, play games, catch up the latest celebrity gossip, and pretty much whatever else you would like to do. However, with the different scam types that are popping up all the time, it is advised to be […]


The Romance Scam

Boy meets girl. Girl falls for boy. Boy scams girl. Not your typical love story, is it? This day and age, romance scams are something that every single person who is dating needs to be on the lookout for. People think it can’t happen to them…but it can. And it is not just the boys […]


Trunk Box Scam, whats it all about?

“You know I am a fraudstar (sic)…..I want to be a big man” – Trunk Box Scam Trunk Box Scam artist Dr Perry Patrick speaks calmly and slowly. He listens carefully whilst I ask him about his Trunk Box Scam. A 419 advance fee fraud Scammer in Accra, Ghana, he has already bought himself a […]


Au Pair Scams, what to look out for.

The advert normally reads something like this “Au Pair Job in the U.S.A for the Jones Family” or something similar to that. Becoming an Au Pair is seen as something exciting as well as a chance to visit foreign lands and explore different cultures. It is however a situation that scammers love to take advantage […]