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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Top 10 Scammer Tactics to Deceive Victims

Internet Scammers rely on deceiving you to get their hands on your cash. Be aware of this and protect your money! Here are the Top 10 Ploys used by Scammers: Scammer Tactic #1 1. They pose as professionals, ie, Barristers, Government Officials, Company Directors, etc, but the giveaway is that they use free e.mail addresses, […]


Does Scambaiting Make A Difference? How?

Have you ever heard of ScamBaiting? If yes, you are amongst the minority. Baiting Scammers is a little-known occupation. This comparatively small but global community engages with Internet Scammers and wastes their time and resources. This serves 2 purposes: Firstly, it keeps Scammers otherwise occupied and off the backs of prospective victims. Secondly, it is […]


Beware! – The Dastardly Cameroonian Pet Scam Revealed

With all of the shopping that takes place online these days, it’s inevitable that people are even buying pets online without seeing them first in person. This provides another avenue for scammers to try and exploit victims. For some reason, these scams are prevalent from Cameroonian fraudsters in particular, but like all internet fraud, they […]


Top 10 Ways To Spot A Fraudulent Website

Scammers set up various types of websites for online fraud. These can range from haphazard, amateurish- looking sites, to professional-looking high quality websites. It can be difficult to spot whether a website is fake or not. Fraudulent sites come in many forms, and here are 10 ways to quickly see that a website might not […]