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Monthly Archives: September 2014

8 Steps to Delusion Part 10

EPILOGUE: BACK IN THE REALITY In this series of articles we have covered in eight steps how a typical advance fee fraud works. While there are many different types of scams, many follow this pattern. Not all the scammers use the same steps in the same way, but the pattern and the psychological premises remain […]


8 Steps to Delusion Part 9

STEP 8: RAISE OR FOLD? “I secured the documents BUT now the bank needs you to pay tax for the release.” “I promise this is the LAST FEE.” “Please my friend DON’T GIVE UP now!” The eighth step is what separates long term victims of the headlines from short term victims of whom we rarely […]


8 Steps to Delusion Part 8

STEP 7: SHAME ON YOU! “Why aren’t you DOING YOUR BEST?!” “All you need to do is pay the fee and the documents are released it is VERY SIMPLE!” “I HAVE PAID $2,000 and we still need mere $1,000 from you!” In step 7 the pieces laid on the table by the scammer come together. […]


8 Steps to Delusion Part 7

STEP 6: BROTHERS FOR LIFE “My good BROTHER, please listen to me.” “Dearest SISTER, how are you today?” “My LOVE you should make the payment today.” When dealing with a scammer, you will soon notice that they get intimate very quickly. They start calling you with very strong words like “brother” or “sister”. They may […]


8 Steps to Delusion Part 6

STEP 5: BY THE GRACE OF GOD “Have a nice day and GOD bless you.” “ALLAH willing we will finalize this transaction soon.” “Greetings in JESUS’ name!” If things have gone as planned by the scammer, after step 4 there are no more people around you trying to tell you about the scammer’s true nature […]


8 Steps to Delusion Part 5

STEP 4: TOP SECRET AND CONFIDENTIAL “You should not tell about this to anyone because they will be JEALOUS to you and try to prevent you from getting your money.” “Please understand that this is CONFIDENTIAL AND TOP SECRET information!” “FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS and do not tell about this even to your family.” The scammers […]