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4 Ways Scammers Gain Your Trust – Part One

4 ways that scammers gain your trustHow do Scammers persuade you to believe in them?
How do they get under your skin?….  Well, they are devious!

Here are some Scam Tactics to watch out for…

1. Your New Friend. The slicker Scammers will play ‘Mr Smooth’ with choice prospective Victims. They will soon want to speak with you on the phone and greet you warmly, taking an interest in you, your family, and your hobbies. Just like a professional sales rep, the Scammer will make notes as he speaks with you and refer to these when he next calls you. His desire of course is to develop a relationship with you. His ideal will be for you to actually look forward to his calls. Once he has your money, his calls (or lack of them) will morph into your worst nightmare.

2. Reinforcing Your Dreams. They all offer you a (non-existent) fortune in cash. The devious Scammer will soon ascertain what you want to spend your money on. A new house, car, boat, or holiday? On the other hand, something more fundamental, like life-saving medical treatment or surgery. Again, just like a pro salesman, once he has this information, the Scammer will play on it, reassuring you that your money worries will soon be over and you will be on that flight, beach, cruise, etc, or on your way to renewed good health.

3. Always There. From the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep, the Scammer will be in your life. The pressure on you to obtain and send the Scammer’s fee will build and intensify. Frequent phone calls, SMS and e.mails will constantly remind you for your deal with him and serve to make him and his business the most important and pressing thing in your life.

4. Promises, Promises…. You only have to pay the fee and everything will change for you. Your life will transform. You will be rich, happy, healthy, whatever you aspire to. Once the deal is done, your new pal will want to visit you in your country. Will you help him find some property to buy? Will you identify some businesses for him to invest him? Millionaires together, you will be friends for life.

Be assured, the only way your life will change once you have sent the Scammer his fee will be for the worse. The Scammer will keep chipping away at you until you are broke or break off the contact.

Have you received a ‘too good to be true’ e.mail? Amazing offer of riches from a kindly stranger?