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Welcome to the home of the Anti Scam Alliance.
The Anti Scam Alliance is dedicated to informing the public about the dangers of internet scams. The Alliance takes a proactive approach in how it disseminates information to the public. In order to be a member of the anti scam alliance member websites need to either partake in at least one of the following areas of anti scam work.

1: Victim Warning
2: Anti Scam Education
3: Scam Baiting
4: Scam Reporting
5: Actively participate in anti scam / fraud activity by educating their members on safe Internet practices.

Founder Member Sites

Scam Warners

Operating as a hub for all scam warning and victim help, this website is the premier site for victim warning around the world. All the latest Internet scams are documented and published here. runs an extensive support system that helps victims of Internet Scams through these difficult times. Victims often get to talk one on one with experts in anti scam procedures.

419 Eater

These individuals take on the scammers head on. Operating for over ten years now, 419Eater is world renown for the pranks they play on advanced fee fraud scammers. If you are interested in seeing how scammers are toyed with, arrested, sent on wild goose chases as well as asked to pose for silly pictures, then this is the site for you. Read about the exploits of famous “Scam Baiters” as they waste the scammers time, thus ensuring that the scammer does not go after what could be a real victim.

This site has a long history within the anti scam world, it has attracted the attention of various media outlets throughout the world and is still seen today as the number one scam baiting site on the planet. It also includes a online “Scam Tracker” that allows you to track where scams are taking place around the world.

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