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How To Avoid Malicious Tagging Scams

Malicious Tagging Scams

You are probably very aware of how rapidly the scamming rates are increasing daily due to constant advancement in technology. These days we also have tech specialists around the world who are using their innovative skills for the wrong reasons – scamming people. Malicious tagging scams are just one of the latest ways in which these scammers are using the popularity of social media to prey on people.

Most of the time internet scams, identity theft, and social media scams have been annoying at best, and highly unfortunate when you are the person on the other end. However, we are finding that scammers intentions are getting more and more malicious and dangerous by the second. This is why we have designed a platform that will whistle-blow when it comes to the latest in all fraud and scamming news.

It is up to us to remain in the loop when it comes to internet fraud, especially when we are in the comfort of our own Facebook, Instagram or other social media profiles. Facebook scams are on the rise, and the latest one is one of the worst we have seen so far!

Malicious Tagging Scams On Facebook

The latest Facebook scam is designed to trick you into giving access to an app on your phone which will essentially steal all of your private information as it sits in your application library. The scary thing is you might not even know that you’ve installed it because of how the fraudsters have set it up.

Essentially, you would be tagged in a post which seems to be by a mutual friend. Other mutual friends will be tagged as well which potentially makes the link you’re tagged in look safe. This is when your alarm bells should be ringing. The link could be a video or a pop up which tells you to update your Flash Player before you could view the link or video.

Unfortunately, this is something we are all used to, as the flash update will often occur if you use it to watch videos on your mobile phone. The key is to not click the update, because you would be installing this malicious app onto your phone, which will in turn expose all your private information. It doesn’t stop there, the fraudulent app will also go ahead and spread using your Facebook profile and tag a whole lot of your friends as well, it’s kind of like Covid-19 but for your phone!

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Our number one rule when it comes to avoiding any types of scams is to be aware of them and know how to guard your information and also where to report suspected fraud.

Often, when we have been scammed, you only really know about it when you’re already paying the price for it. Don’t delay in equipping yourself, your family and friends when it comes to the latest fraud news. There’s no reason to live in fear if you know what is going on and how to prevent serious losses.

At Anti-Fraud news, we want to ensure our readers are safe and have the peace of mind they need to enjoy life and enjoy technology, without being hoodwinked. Which is why we make sure we are able to share the latest in the scamming world, directly to your news feed.

Three Easy Steps To Report A Malicious Tagging Scam On Facebook

If you have encountered one of these malicious scams on Facebook, we recommend you report it and be sure to make your family and friends aware of what is going on.

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Click the options button on the top right of the post in question (it might be three little dots as an icon)
  2. Let Facebook know by clicking ‘give feedback on this post’
  3. Select the ‘scam’ or ‘harassment’ reason on the post and then send.

This process will alert Facebook administrators and they will be able to take possible action and get to the root of the issue.

Knowledge Is Power When It Comes To Malicious Tagging Scams

It is possible to be armed with knowledge so that you are a step ahead of anyone who would try to trick you into giving away your valuable resources, identity or security information. Being informed really is your best foot forward in a digital era, give the Anti-Fraud news a ‘follow’ on your favorite media channels and keep up to date with our latest blog posts.