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Does Scambaiting Make A Difference? How?

scambaitingHave you ever heard of ScamBaiting? If yes, you are amongst the minority. Baiting Scammers is a little-known occupation. This comparatively small but global community engages with Internet Scammers and wastes their time and resources. This serves 2 purposes: Firstly, it keeps Scammers otherwise occupied and off the backs of prospective victims. Secondly, it is great fun!

In its simplest form the ScamBaiter answers the Scammer’s initial e.mail and enters into an often protracted communication with the Scammer, pretending to be interested in the proposal. The ScamBaiter will seek to appear credible in order to gain the Scammer’s trust, who may remain on the Baiter’s hook for weeks, months, even years!

Undoubtedly, there will always be many, many more Scammers than Baiters. Everyone is aware of Scams, but very few are aware of ScamBaiters. Therein lies the challenge. The odds are stacked against ScamBaiters. Despite this, ScamBaiters do a tremendously useful job.

So, what effects do ScamBaiters have on the world of Scamming? Well, here are just a few:

Bait Scammers and tie them up for long periods.
Provide guidance to the Public on recognising Scams and how to deal with them.
Support Scam Victims.
Alert Scammers’ Money Mules to the dangerous positions that they are in.
Report Scammers’ Bank Accounts and stolen Credit Cards, often leading to these being closed.
Publish Scammers’ e.mail addresses, phone numbers, and e.mails, enabling suspicious recipients to find this information online.
Report Scammers’ websites to the webhosts for closure.
Occasionally provide law enforcement with sufficient evidence for Scammers to be arrested and prosecuted.

ScamBaiters may also have effects on Scammers! Leading a Scammer on a merry dance, which may be long, frustrating, and fruitless, can drain his spirits as well as his bank balance. Some ScamBaiters manage to persuade Scammers to travel long distances on the pretext of collecting vast sums. These ‘Safaris’ invariably end in the Scammer being stranded, often penniless, in a strange country. The psychological effect of sleeping rough in a dusty, desert khazi cannot be overestimated. Being baited hurts!

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