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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Money Scams Online – Nelson Mandela Scams Likely!

How do we identify and avoid money scams online? What can we expect from new money scams online? What are these scammers likely to try next? Nelson Mandela? Scammers love to exploit a tragedy. They love to impersonate real people and offer proposals (money scams) involving events that many people around the world relate to. […]


Reporting Internet Fraud

Reporting Internet Fraud to the correct organization is crucial. Have you or someone you know been the victim of Fraud on the Internet? Here’s how to Report Internet Fraud. First, remember that Internet Fraud is a serious offence. Reporting Internet Fraud is something that all of us should be taking seriously. Second, it is important […]


How to avoid Phishing Scams

You know not to respond to the letter of the Nigerian government official asking for money for “handling fees” in order to secure a giant sum of money that he plans to share with you, and maybe you are leery of individuals expressing romantic interest in you over the Internet. But do you think you […]


Congratulations! You have won a Lottery – Scam!

The lottery. You’ve been playing it for years, week after week, waiting for your turn to come up. Waiting to hear those words “Congratulations! You have won a Lottery”, But with the exception of the handful of times it paid out 10 and 20 dollars, nothing has really come your way. Nobody has uttered those […]