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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Credit Card Fraud

One scam to be especially leery of is credit card fraud, which also goes hand-in-hand with identity theft. There are many credit card fraud scams to be aware of, and while you can’t always prevent credit card fraud from happening, you can be aware of the signs to watch for to try to prevent becoming […]


Top 10 Internet Scams

Anti Fraud News Presents it’s Top 10 Internet Scams list. You may use this information to warn your family and friends. 1. Dating/Love/Romance Scam. In the modern Western world where the family nucleus has been eroded and so many of us are living alone, online dating is booming. It didn’t take long for Scammers to […]


Insurance Fraud

When you want the latest information on insurance fraud and other scams, Anti-Fraud News is the website to check out on a regular basis. We want to inform you about all the latest scams and tactics that have been designed to con you and steal your money. What is Insurance Fraud? Insurance fraud is what […]


Understanding Scareware and Ransomware

Something new to worry about! Just what is Scareware and Ransomware? While most internet users are at least basically familiar with viruses and malware, there are new ‘wares’ being adapted by cyber criminals: so-called ‘scareware’ and/or ‘ransomware’. So what are these and how can we avoid them? We’ve all seen pop-up ads, and those seemingly […]