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Monthly Archives: September 2013

MoneyGram & Western Union

Convenient International Money Transfer Services or The Scammers’ Friends? Almost all Internet Scammers use MoneyGram & Western Union to receive their ill-gotten gains. So, why is it that these money transfer services are so prevalent in advance fee fraud and what are they really all about? Simply, MoneyGram and Western Union enable anyone to send […]


A Brief History of the 419 Scam

As with many phenomena, there’s no exact date and time when and where this started.  However, as best as can be pieced together, here’s a brief version of what happened: 419 Scam.. The real early days Over 100 years ago, a new swindle popped up in the world.  Now known as the “Spanish Prisoner” Letter, […]


Employment Scams

High Unemployment Rates See a Surge of Employment Scams that Target Job Seekers Avoid Falling Victim to the Surge of Employment Scams Being out of work can be stressful enough on its own, the last thing you want to is to fall victim to the surge of employment scams that seem to be all around […]


The Gold Scam

With interest rates at record lows, many of us with savings will be looking out for better investment opportunities. Well, how about….. GOLD? This is the most coveted precious metal since time began, but beware of the Gold Scam! Gold prices keep on falling, but the number of Gold Scams keeps on rising. Market Conditions […]