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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Just when you thought you have found the love of your life.

Could true love have finally come your way? Just when you thought you have found the love of your life, something happens to send shivers up your spine, or at the very least, cause you to think twice. Could you be a victim or target of one of the many online dating scams on the […]


How Low Will Scammers Go?

Do Scammers have any Morals or Scruples? The Scammer listened intently to his phone as Mr Smith spoke. His hoarse voice betrayed his advancing years and poor health. “Once I’ve sent your fee, you will send me my millions, won’t you? I can’t afford to lose this money, you know. It’s all I have”. The […]


How To Stop Scammers Obtaining Your Contact Details

Keeping your Personal Information Safe. Scammers have to send hundreds, even thousands of emails in order to hook just one prospective victim. Most recipients recognize the scam email for what it is and delete it, reply with abuse (not recommended), or even report it to the Scammer’s ISP. Very occasionally though, a recipient will take […]


From the must have toy scams on Craigslist to fake Santa Charities, holiday scams are around the corner

Discover the Truth about Seasonal Scams How do you enjoy the snow this time of the year with getting snowed and falling victim to one of the seasonal scams that seem to perpetuate during holiday times? By using the same care and clear thinking that you do all year long you should have no trouble […]


Business Scams – Some types and signs

Small businesses employ tens of millions of people around the world. However this big employing body is also one of the most at risk from scammers.  Avoid common business scams.  Firstly, small business financial reserves are lower, so missing money hurts hard. Secondly, they aren’t experts in scams, and don’t have in-house counsel to check […]