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Beware Of These Romance Scams

romance scams

Online scams are increasing in popularity and are becoming more and more difficult to identify. Many of these scammers often prey on those looking for love. This desire for a connection is used against dating app users, making these scams more successful than many others. Romance scams have increased as the popularity of online dating has grown. With so many people navigating these platforms, scammers have many potential victims to choose from. But if you are on the lookout for some of these common scams, you can better protect yourself from falling victim to them.

Romance scams come in many flavors, the scam tactic, while relying on a romantic “hook” often use some of the following tactics in order to scam you out of your money.

Fake Accounts

Some scammers will steal photos that are readily available on the internet and create fictitious profiles. This helps protect the scammers’ identities and allows them to choose photos that are physically attractive to potential victims. Luckily, those seeking partners can take a simple step to help identify these imposters. Using a reverse image search, you can see if the photos on the profile appear elsewhere on the internet.

Asking You to Send Them Money

After talking with someone online for weeks or months, they might ask you to send them money. The reasons scammers give for the request often play on the victim’s emotions. They might ask for the funds to come visit you or for money to cover phone bills so they can continue speaking with you. Other times, they will manipulate victims into giving them money as a favor since they “love you.” Requests might begin small and slowly escalate to larger amounts of money. You should never send anyone you haven’t met money for any reason, regardless of how valid it seems.

Asking For Your Bank Information

Some scammers might ask for your bank information so they can send you money. But this is a red flag, especially today. There are several options for sending and receiving money online without using a routing and account number. Providing a scammer with this information allows them to use your bank details for whatever purpose they want. They might attempt to withdraw the money themselves or sell this information to other scammers. It is not just banking details you should protect, though. You should also protect your personal information . Any personal information, such as your home address, is advised against unless you know and trust the person on the other side of the screen.

Trading Cryptocurrency

Any mention of trading or sending cryptocurrency is a red flag. These transactions are difficult to track, making them the perfect rouse for scammers. Even if the scammer uses intelligent language and tries to convince you that you will see a monetary gain, do not trust them. It can be tempting to take people up on offers that promise us financial rewards. This is why employment scams are becoming an increasingly larger problem. Cryptocurrency scams can cost you big time and will not result in love.

What Other Romance Scams Are Out There?

Romance scams are on the rise. CNBC reports that financial losses from these scams jumped 80% from 2021 to 2022. Scammers are finding new ways to trick their victims all the time. Once word gets out about a particular scam, they need to get creative so others will still fall for their tricks. You can stay up to date on scams by doing your research, following news outlets, and checking anti-fraud and internet scam websites. Knowing how to spot these scams will give you the power to avoid them.

Where to Find More Information About Romance Scams

News about the latest romance scams is readily available to the public. Anti Fraud News provides consumers and love seekers with the latest relevant information to help them protect themselves. While romance scams are a growing issue, there are many other types of scams circulating the internet. Employment scams, credit card scams, and healthcare scams are only a few examples. Stay up to date on the latest internet scam news by following our channels. We are dedicated to informing the public and fighting scammers everywhere.