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Proactive Police Fraud Protection


Proactive Police Fraud Protection Measures Being Taken

Police have always had proactive protective measures in place against fraud. But with the increase in the kinds of fraud, these efforts have had to increase, and keep up with the times. It seems that with each new “strain”, new measures must be developed. Some police departments have become even more proactive to ensure that the public in their jurisdictions are well informed and have the necessary tools to protect them from becoming victims of fraud. We have compiled a list of the main proactive protective measures that police employ in the fight against fraud.

1. Public access
It has always been a necessity to ensure that the public has a means to report any signs of fraud that may be witnessed. The public is encouraged to be proactive in protecting themselves and others from fraud by calling police regarding any suspicious activity. Departments are set up to handle such complaints. A great deal of work has been done by these departments to bring down large rings of fraudulent operations, an example being the case in Coral Springs, Florida. The numbers to call are readily and publically available.

2. Being visible
Police departments hold presentations, to which the public is invited. Some of these have focused on informing the elderly, and have taken place at suitable venues for this purpose. Others are advertised and hosted by individual departments set up in your areas. You can do a lot for yourself if you stay up to date and informed of when and where police are hosting presentations. These seem to cover an array of aspects involved in various fraud operations and you can be sure you would be provided with information that would lessen your chances of being a victim. The kind of information would definitely go beyond advising you not to open strange emails and follow uncertain links that ask for personal details. Interestingly enough, officers from fraud departments have been found to be giving presentations at schools. Where there is access to information online, police handle these issues daily and might be able to take your awareness a step further.

3. Initiative methods
Another protective measure, perhaps in response to a new method fraudsters are using, has been the design and erection of signage at various pivotal points at stores that seem to be high risk spots for victims of fraud. Police have identified these spots as a result of point number one – members of the public calling in what appeared to be a sketchy series of events, so don’t think for a minute that your call won’t make a difference. Coral Springs departments designed a sign to place in stores that have wire transfer facilities, as these were being used as a means of getting victims to act on fraudulent prompts quickly. After receiving several calls suggesting that this facility be being abused by fraudsters – police took unique action in this area to combat the ever changing front of fraud.

In the face of an evolving problem that seems to constantly adapt to police efforts, the departments of several police precincts have set the trend in keeping up. They are constantly having to find new ways and employ new methods to stay on top of this problem.