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Common Cryptocurrency Scams In 2023

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Internet scams are on the rise, and crypto scams have become increasingly popular. If you deal with or have an interest in cryptocurrency, knowing how to spot crypto currency scams can save you from unnecessary losses. Knowledge is power, and educating ourselves and those we care about will help keep scammers from taking advantage of unknowing individuals.

Keep an eye out for these common scams in 2023:

Phishing For Digital Wallet Keys

Phishing isn’t a new scam; it has been around for a long time. It’s one of the reasons you’ve probably been told not to click on links in emails from senders you don’t know and trust. Some scammers pose as legitimate companies to get unknowing consumers or job seekers to enter personal information.

One of the pieces of information these scammers try to get is the key to your digital wallet. To protect yourself, go to the company’s trusted website rather than click on email links. Some scammers are very convincing and use hosting domains very similar to that of a trusted company.

Crypto Scams Through Public Wifi

Crypto currency scams can easily happen if you use public wifi to log into an account. Your activity is not secure when you use a public location, even when the account you want to access requires a password. Without proper encryption, scammers can retrieve the information you enter, including your login details.

You can protect yourself by using a VPN. If you have logged into an account from a public location, it is wise to change your password immediately.

Romance Crypto Scams

Those looking for love online might face more scammers than most. Online dating apps have been a prime location for scammers. While there are many types of romance scams, crypto currency scams are among the easiest to spot. If a potential date asks for money for any reason, you should reconsider the prospect. If they mention any cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s probably time to block and report them.

Giveaway Scams

Everyone loves a good giveaway, but not all of them are legitimate. Some scammers pose as celebrities or make other fake social media accounts to run these scams. When you attempt to enter the giveaway, the site might direct you to make a payment or click on a link. Unknowing individuals who do this risk compromising their financial information and losing any cryptocurrency they might have.

SIM Card Scams

This is a newer scam that has grown in popularity. This is especially dangerous because it allows the scammer to access all of the information stored on the victim’s SIM card. In addition to cryptocurrency account passwords, this scam’s victims might have compromised two-factor authentications. The scammer might have access to change your passwords and lock you out of your own accounts.

Fake Cryptocurrency Scams

The simple act of purchasing cryptocurrency is a common scam. This doesn’t mean that all crypto exchanges are scams, but criminals might create fake companies and make appealing offers to potential victims. Rather than getting a good deal, these people lose their money. You can prevent becoming a victim of this crypto scam by using only trusted cryptocurrency exchange companies.

Crypto Scams To Watch For In 2023

Keeping up to date on the latest scams will help you better spot them, protecting your sensitive information and money. Once a scammer has stolen your identity or assets, it’s often very difficult to recover. Anti Fraud News provides you with the latest news regarding scams and directs you to essential resources for protecting yourself. With the proper knowledge, we can fight scammers together.