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Interview with a scammer – Part two

scammer interview part 2

A romance scammer using the name of “Travis John” was reported to us at In part one of this article, I introduced this scammer, who corresponded with me about his scamming. Please read the following with interest, but know that his answers to my questions may or may not be accurate, as the words are direct quotes from an internet con man. Part One also includes back-story on how “Travis” and I came to correspond, after he repeatedly tried to participate on the forum at ScamWarners.

Interview with a scammer part 2

The next series of questions and answers from our emails are regarding how he scams.

Questions and Answers – scammer and scams

Q: You mentioned earlier that you know your sins. Are you religious?
A: Yes, I believe in God.

Q: Are you educated?
A: Yes, in computer science

Q: Do you have another job besides stealing online or does that keep you financially comfortable?
A: No, I was hoping to quit last year after I graduated from Univ. but things didn’t as planned. Yes.. it does keep me financially comfortable for the time being but not something I want to do for ever.

Q: Do you do other frauds besides romance scamming?
A: Yes, I do but I just prefer to stick to romance scam.

Q: Where do you scam from, the University computers or at home?
A: Anywhere even public internet.

Q: How prevalent is scamming among the University students?

Q: Where do you get the stolen credit card info for online purchases? Do you get it yourself or buy it?
A: Scam is divided into alot of division which I bet you know, i’m more into bank checks but since banks tighten up their security I just moved to this and I purchase cards from people that are into card scam.

Q: How do your feelings for a victim affect what you do, especially after they stop paying/responding?
A: Mostly, it is victims that didn’t send a lot of money report scam cases and they feel they have got nothing but heartache to bear that will stop responding but most victims that have sent a lot will hardly stop responding.

Q: If you have someone mail you items, where do you have it sent to?
A: ANYWHERE in the country, you can get it anywhere as long as you have the tracking number.

Scammers lie, but based on my experience, I think these answers probably have quite a bit of truth to them. I sent more questions, but “Travis” didn’t respond. It’s now been two years and he’s emailed me twice since then, with a “hello, how are you?” and claims to be out of scamming. He’s also promised me this: “I got fond of you so I think you have got a blank check that you can cash in anytime with me.. lol. So, what do you want me to do to help you?”. Regarding that, see the first two words of this paragraph: Scammers lie.

For the original scam information on this romance scammer, please see this scam report on